Our special profile

  • Discovering art and culture
  • Experiencing art
  • Making music
  • Theater and dance
  • Creative education
  • Holistic Learning
  • Linguistic development
  • Promoting language ability
  • Having fun

kulturkindergarten @dussmann.de

Holistic Learning

Our educators consider themselves teachers and, simultaneously, learners. The emphasis at Dussmann KulturKindergarten is on arts and culture and this is reflected in everything we do. We take up the children’s ideas and integrate them into projects covering a wide variety of topics. We offer cultural impulses in the context of the situation so that activities are interrelated.

 In September, for example, the sunflower might be taken as a central theme to include the twelve sunflowers in a vase by Vincent van Gogh, the sunflower poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and the lyrics and music of a song about sunflowers. The children examine a sunflower, paint it, consider van Gogh’s painting and sing. Other ideas grow from these activities such as a visit to a sunflower field to see how sunflowers grow. The children may dry the seeds and bake bread with the kernels, use them in a collage or feed the birds.The children create sunflowers of their own with a variety of materials. The children’s ideas and those of the educators can be endless and each activity connects with the next, a concept that is important for learning.


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